Modern and Luxury Apartments in Istanbul

Modern and Luxury Apartments in Istanbul

bostancı istanbul

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Modern and luxury apartments in Bostancı, Istanbul.

Located in the central of Istanbul. Istanbul is the most preferred city with its natural beauties, tourism, history and cultural treasures, sports and entertainment activities.

Centrally located apartments are within walking distance of all social facilities like banks, hospitals, schools, cafes, churches, mosques, restaurants, metro and sea.

There are sauna, elevator and closed garage.

There are 2 types of available apartments in the complex

3+1 rooms apartments and 3+1 duplexes.

3+1 apartments are 103 m² with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony.

3+1 duplex apartments are 125 m² with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony.

New apartments are designed with the very highest of standards using quality materials. All apartments have a modern design kitchen, kitchen appliances, shower cabin, parquet coating, central satellite TV system, steel door, satellite TV system, video intercom and cloakroom.

Prices are listed below:

  1. 9th floor    3+1 rooms     103 m2           $ 150.000
  2. 10th floor  3+1 rooms     103 m2           $ 160.000
  3. 11th floor   3+1 rooms     103 m2           $ 168.000
  4. 12th floor  3+1 duplex     125 m2           $ 240.000
  5. 12th floor  3+1 duplex     125 m2           $ 240.000
  6. 12th floor  3+1 duplex     125 m2           $ 240.000


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