Citizenship Regulations

Citizenship Regulations

The Turkish government introduced a new regulation on 19th September 2018 to encourage international investors. The application process is fast and very straightforward with a high approval rate.

Turkey has significantly reduced and eased required limits for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship to encourage investment, according to new regulations published in the country’s Official Gazette on 19th September 2018.

  • Foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth a minimum of $ 250,000, instead of $ 1 million, can obtain Turkish citizenship. Buy a property worth a minimum of  $ 250,000 and hold it without selling it at least for three years. The investors can sell their properties after 3 years.
  • The lower limit of fixed capital investments to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreigners has been reduced from $ 2 million to $ 500,000.
  • The deposit requirement in the Turkish banks has been reduced to $ 500,000 instead of $3 million and must remain in the bank for three years without withdrawal.
  • Foreigners who generate jobs for minimum 50 people, (previous requirement was 100 people) also will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship, the gazette said.
  • Foreign investors should hold the properties or continue the minimum limit of financial investments for at least three years to meet the criteria for Turkish citizenship.

If any of these mentioned conditions are met, investors are officially eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Citizenship by investment and by real estates programmes will grant immediate Turkish citizenship to applicants and their families.

It is quick, guaranteed and available to investors who buy minimum worth of $ 250.000  for properties & real estate, either residential or commercial. The property, either residential or commercial, can be rented for income.

There is no language requirement, medical test or interview. Very simple documents are required for the application. It is easy to apply and there is no requirement to stay in the country.

The title deed registration (registry document) is given to the applicant following the completion of the procedures.